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Operated Equipment Rental


Operated Equipment Rental is the term used for the rental of large or complex machinery where the rental company supplies an operator or driver to operate the machinery. This is also sometimes referred to as Wet Rental (particularly in Australia), and Operated Plant (in the UK). In India, the Middle East and Asia a large percentage of all heavy equipment andcranes are supplied with operator reflecting the comparative youth of training programs for specialized operators in construction companies in those countries.


Our Equipment’s specialties include sitework, freeways and airports. We use several machines, including motor graders, to ensure that the sites we work on are perfect. Of course, some of our clients just need the blades themselves, which we rent out by the hour.

We are not just offering standard blades, either. Our motor graders are guided with Topcon GPS control systems to ensure accuracy. Using laser, sonar, and GPS machine control, our graders perform top of the line, high-caliber earthmoving. As an essential part of the excellent sitework we offer, our blades will result in fine grading that only Miller employees themselves could rival.

Motor graders are not the only machines that Miller Equipment has to offer. We also have dozers, scrapers, loaders, excavators, and similar earthmoving and excavation equipment; our dozers even have the same GPS control systems as our blades. However, as soil cement and roller-compacted concrete contractors (our other specialties, both of which require the finest grading possible for best results) it’s our motor graders that we take special pride in, using them to grade our sites before performing cement mix and place. If any of our clients need excellence in grading, our graders – rented or otherwise – are perfect for the job.