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Fort Irwin Water Treatment Plant


The new Fort Irwin Water Treatment Plant, once complete, will make all water at Fort Irwin potable. The current system only treats half the water, so residents have to be careful which faucet they use when drinking or washing dishes. Since October 2013, Fine Grade has been helping our employer, CDM Construction, build this ground-breaking treatment plant.

Our equipment rental service is being put to the test when the sitework needs to be done for the plant’s water-holding ponds. Motor graders, excavators, scrapers, and loaders: all of these are available for rent. CDM and our own employees have put these machines to work in excavating and grading the ponds.

Meanwhile, we ourselves have been mixing, hauling, and placing our own roller compacted concrete. We are doing RCC mix and placing on 10,000 cubic yards of water canals, covering both the 3:1 slopes and bottoms of these waterways. We are also placing 20,000 cubic yards of soil cement to line the ponds 1 foot thick. Our pugmills and screening plants can pump out more RCC to meet the needs of any project at hand.

The Fort Irwin project is a perfect example of what we can do for you. Whether you need earthmoving, fine grading, soils mixing, or concrete sub-base, Fine Grade is your go-to source.

Port of Long Beach Redevelopment – Pier E, North Gate


Currently, the Port of Long Beach is going through a massive redevelopment program to update its Middle Harbor, combining Piers E and F into one modern facility. Fine Grade played its part in this massive program under Reyes Construction, our employer. Reyes was charged with renovating Pier E’s North Gate. This renovation will include new buildings, which required sitework.

From November to December 2013, Fine Grade provided that very sitework. Outfitted with Topcon GPS Systems, our motor graders delivered the best fine grading available. Our blades can grade any site to utter precision.

Fine Grade also produced the cement-treated base needed before Reyes could build on the site. As soil cement contractors, we were able to use our own pugmills and screening plants to provide the base. In total, 10,000 cubic yards of CTB was mixed and placed by us.